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Our History

Transforming homes for over 40 years.


We began at home…

Back in 1983, Colin and Susan Moors launched Adamsons from their own home, setting out to deliver construction services with superior customer service, care and quality. The vision was of a quality construction firm that would look after every detail, treating customers and their homes with courtesy and respect.


A home of our own

Our unique Adamsons approach was just what very many customers were looking for, and by 1990, we needed to expand. We designed and built our own head office in Dukinfield, Cheshire – a perfect location with great motorway access, and a place where we could handle our entire construction operation.


We began transforming interiors too

Just a year after opening our Dukinfield home, we opened a brand new showroom to support our new interiors service. Now, in addition to offering outstanding construction services, we were ready to transform kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and other rooms in the home, looking after every detail – inside and out.


Designing the future

Our architectural drawings were once done by hand, but times and technology moved on. We invested in the expansion of our architectural offering, increasing the size of our office-based workforce and introducing computer-aided design for faster, more efficient and flexible working.


Keeping it in the family

Having previously worked as an Adamsons Saturday girl during the early 1990s, Colin and Susan’s daughter, Rachel, returned to the business following time away. Juggling family life with her commitment to the company, she helped make sure Adamsons remained a proud family business (which we still are… and she’s still with us as Adamsons Managing Director now)


Showing off our showroom

Following a major refurbishment of our kitchen showroom, we launched exciting new initiatives to help customers get even more from their Adamsons experience. With professional chefs showcasing appliances and Neff home economists on hand, it was the start of our popular programme of showroom activities.


Reaching further afield

Our thriving business was able to expand its reach, giving even more homeowners the opportunity to transform the place where they live. We expanded our area to cover all of Greater Manchester and Cheshire – an ambitious step that helped us serve many more people than before.


It’s great to be recognised

Nothing beats the pleasure we get from helping people transform their homes, but industry recognition is great too as it means our peers recognise the quality of our service. We were particularly successful during 2017, being shortlisted for many awards including multiple categories at the FSB Business Awards in both Greater Manchester and North Cheshire, and as finalists in the Kitchen Retailer category at the Northern Design Awards.


Introducing air source heat pumps

We expanded our range of heating solutions by introducing air source heat pumps as a greener alternative to gas boilers. Customers looking to reduce their environmental footprint can now choose this electrically-powered option. With an increasing proportion of electricity being derived from renewable sources like solar and wind power, the environmental footprint of heat pumps is more positive than gas boilers. It also removes the need for radiators on walls, and customers can enjoy both air conditioning in the hotter months and heating when the weather cools down.

Covid Lockdown


The big lockdown

Along with the rest of the UK, we had a forced closure at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and for nine weeks we were unable to work. However, as soon as we were able to, we got things back up and running as a construction company, restarting some of our more urgent projects and seeing them through to completion.


Were we barking mad?

In an ambitious and possibly over-optimistic move, we attempted to introduce an office dog into our busy workplace. The canine in question was Rachel’s gorgeous springer spaniel, Willow. Alas, Willow’s big career move didn’t work out as she’s a typical springer, full of quirks and quite skittish. Within a few weeks she resigned from her role as Director of Cuddles, and now enjoys her days at home – back where she belongs!


Remotely talented

Erick, our much-valued Head of PreBuild, became our first remote worker when he emigrated to Ireland. This was a learning curve for all of us, but Erick is such a valuable member of our team we didn’t want to miss out on his talent!

Adamsons Family Traditions


Our family tradition

It’s no secret that we’re a proud family business, and it was wonderful to see the family tradition passing to a third generation when Rachel’s children, Grace and Alex, did their first stint working for Adamsons.

Happy 40th


Happy Birthday

This year we are proud to celebrate our 40th Birthday. We have come a long way since Colin began his business back in 1984. Much has changed in that time but our core values of integrity, empathy and collaboration have remained constant throughout and these have been the backbone to our success. We thank all our customers past and present, as well as our loyal and talented team and look forward to celebrating many more birthdays in the future,