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Are Bedrooms the New Living Room?

We’re supposed to spend a third of our life in bed. That’s an average of eight hours per day. However, now that many households have all sorts of entertainment facilities in the bedroom, the bedroom is quickly replacing the living room as the place individuals and couples are spending their time. One startling statistic from the Daily Mail revealed that one in five children have a TV in their bedroom by the age of four. Whether you agree with this or not, it’s clear that the bedroom has become a place where an increasing amount of time is being spent, and it shows no signs of change.

Given that in some households more time is being spent in the bedroom than anywhere else in the house, many couples are opting to kit out their bedrooms in the most luxurious fashion to make their boudoirs a place to call home. Appliances include LED TVs, games consoles, Blu Ray players, iPads, laptop and desktop computers and even home cinema systems. In built-up places like Stockport and Manchester homeowners are undergoing house extensions in order to build extra bedrooms or to extend their current rooms to allow for more living space. Where before bedrooms were a place to sleep, they have become a place to watch films, play games, socialise online and catch up on your favourite TV programmes.

Here at Adamsons, we specialise in kitting out your bedroom so it’s the most comfortable and suitable environment for you to enjoy. Whether you simply want a beautiful place to lay your head at night away from distractions or a full-on entertainment centre, we have the expertise to be able to provide you with the most suitable bedroom design for you. If it’s a house extension you need or a luxurious en suite bathroom, we’re confident that you’ll find something perfectly suited to your individual needs on our website or why not come visit us in our award-winning showroom.