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How Home Renovations And Conversions Can Impact Home Value And Offer A Good ROI.

Renovations and conversions can significantly impact your home’s long-term value and offer a significant financial return on investment (ROI) if done strategically and with consideration of the local housing market and location.

Equally, the return on investment (ROI) that renovations and conversions brings to the emotional aspects, and positive lifestyle changes through the functionality of the changes can mean more to you if you want to stay in your property long term. 

With both of these reasons in mind, we would like to share some of the main aspects to consider:

Kitchen Extensions

The bigger, the better, especially if you plan to create open-plan kitchen upgrades that can transform the heart of a home, creating a seamless and inviting space. 

It’s essential to prioritise durability, aesthetics, and functionality when considering materials for open-plan kitchens, concentrating on the quality of the cabinetry, countertops, backsplashes, flooring, appliances, islands, breakfast bars, lighting, open shelving, pantries, storage solutions, comfy seating, and dining areas, as well as the overall colour palette.

There is a lot to think about when designing and choosing a kitchen, and it’s always best to sit down with a professional who can help you make the right choices for your home and family.

Dining room table with bright yellow and green flowers on showing an open plan kitchen design for Adamsons

Bathrooms Extension or Renovation

A bathroom extension or renovation requires careful consideration of the design, materials, and functionality, optimising the layout and space efficiency which will determine the sanitary ware and size of bath and/or shower you can include. 

Opting for a stylish thermostatic shower with a diverter, rigid riser, and a fixed head will give you and the family options on how you prefer to shower.

Consider the accessibility of the shower, like a Zero-threshold shower, for easy access and strategic placement of grab bars. 

A freestanding bath adds quality to a bathroom, as does a double basin unit, especially in master bathrooms.

Being brave with your tiling options and choose contrasting colours for an opulent look, as well as adding natural light with windows and skylights will create an ambience in the room. The same will go for mirrors and mirrored cabinets that can sit on the wall, or be built in. 

The options are endless, and again, it’s always best to sit down with a designer who knows all the options available to you

Bathroom door open showing a free standing bath against an apex wall with a window in it and wall tiles that are grey. There is a grey rug on white tiles and the celing and walls are white.

Basement, Attic Conversion

Often, basements or attics are unused spaces that can be turned into functional areas, such as guest rooms, offices, or entertainment spaces, that add liveable square footage and increase your home’s value.

Garage Conversion

A well-executed garage conversion not only adds valuable living space but can also enhance the overall appeal and functionality of your home by integrating it into the design of your house. 

Extending kitchen spaces, lounges, dining rooms or even setting it up as an office space, will all add value to your home and your way of living. 

A cream kitchen in a garage conversion with units either side and a small round table with two chairs at the end. There is a roof light ans a winodw loooking out onto the road.

Off Road Parking

A well-thought-out parking solution can enhance the property’s value, contributing to a positive ROI in the long run.

But before you do anything, you will need to research local regulations, ensure proper planning permissions, and evaluate the specific needs and preferences of the local housing market.

Remember, first impressions matter, and a neat parking space contributes to an overall positive perception of the home and gives a more secure environment for your vehicles.


Prioritising return on investment (ROI) in home renovations is vital for maximising property value and the lifestyle it will give you for the long term. 

When resources are strategically allocated, it will prevent you from overspending and align improvements with your families or the market’s demands. 

In essence, considering ROI reflects a commitment to making choices that balance personal preferences with sound financial planning, maintaining the home as a valuable asset, however long you decide to enjoy living there once your extensions or renovation has been done.