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How much disruption will be caused during my project?

We understand that some disruption is an inevitable part of having work done on your house. Throughout your project, we’ll do everything we possible can to keep mess and disruption to an absolute minimum.


Outside, we’ll protect your driveway using boards as this is often where the skip, portaloo and materials are delivered.

We specify an area to keep all the materials in an organised way so the outside of your house doesn’t look untidy.

If we are knocking through from the existing house into your new extension, we build security walls before doing this. This protects you from dust, debris, noise and cold. It also provides security by keeping your house safe against break ins.

We’ll always try to build the extension first from the outside.  This means that breaking through into the existing house is left as late as possible. Although this seems like more work, it causes the least disruption for you and we will always strive to do this. We’re different from most builders in this way.  Many will knock the back of the house out first as it’s easier but it’s often not the best solution for the customer.  After all, you have to live in the house during the work.


We lay carpet and hard floor protector in the areas that we will need to access in your house and seal doorways where possible to avoid dust being carried through to other rooms.

We continuously clean up after ourselves and work towards keeping your house as mess free as possible at the end of each day. Our team even carry around hoovers to rid you of as much debris and dust as we can.

Often, at the end of a project we will arrange for someone to come in to do a full clean.  This includes removing stickers from furniture, windows and units.