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9 Essential Things To Look For When Choosing The Best Building Company For Your Home.

Selecting the right builder for your extension or renovation is critical for a successful and stress-free construction process.

We also know that it’s a significant financial and emotional investment.

That’s why we’ve listed the ‘9 essential things we consider most important when choosing the best building company for your home.

1. Reputation

A builder’s reputation is a reflection of their past performance.

We advise you to research builders in your area with positive reviews, testimonials, and a solid track record of delivering quality work.

Online reviews, word of mouth, and industry recognition can provide valuable insights into a builder’s reputation.

Start with their website; they should have a page dedicated to reviews.

You can check ours out here:


But don’t leave it there; check them out on Google Reviews, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

You will know if you want to contact them to discuss your project as you are looking through.

2. References

Request and check references from previous clients.

Speak with homeowners who have worked with the builder to understand their experience.

Any reputable builder should be willing to share references and showcase their successful projects.

3. Location

Opt for a builder near your home.

Local builders are more familiar with the regional building regulations of your area as they can change significantly from one region to another.

They will have established relationships with local suppliers, which can lead to cost savings and more efficient procurement of quality building materials.

If your local builder doesn’t employ an in-house team of trades (as we do), they will often have a network of reliable subcontractors locally, streamlining the construction process.

Choosing a local builder makes it easier for them to visit ongoing projects, discuss details in person, and make quick decisions.

A local builder will have a presence and reputation within the community, where you can gather information about their past projects, work quality, and customer satisfaction.

4. Price

While cost is a crucial factor, you shouldn’t compromise on quality.

Obtain detailed quotes from multiple builders and compare them, but be cautious of significantly lower quotes, as they may indicate shortcuts or inferior materials.

Ensure that all costs are transparent and well-documented.

Don’t be afraid to ask your builder for a breakdown; they should always be happy being transparent with their pricing.

You can always ask for a fixed price, something Adamsons guarantees for our client’s peace of mind.

5. Years of Trading

Considering a builder’s years of trading is a quick way to assess their reliability, adaptability, and overall capability for your home extension or conversion project.

Adamson’s celebrate 40 years in business this year (2024) with financial stability and a proven ability to deliver projects reliably over the past 39 years of trading.

Long-term operation implies financial prudence, reducing the likelihood of financial setbacks during your project.

6. Experience and Expertise

Experienced builders have likely encountered and resolved various construction challenges over the years.

This problem-solving expertise is invaluable when unforeseen issues arise during your project.

Their ability to navigate challenges efficiently can contribute to a smoother construction process.

7. Case Studies

Checking portfolios or case studies on a builder’s website is a quick and informative way to gauge their track record and the quality of their work.

Adamson’s has a dedicated Case Study page, with various projects on our website that showcase our style, capabilities, and the diversity of projects we have successfully undertaken.

You can take a look at our Case Study page.

Always ask your builder to show you photos or videos of their past work; this will help you choose the right builder for your home.

8. Licences and Insurances

When choosing a builder for your home, verifying their licenses and insurance is non-negotiable, so always ask to see the builders’ insurance certificate in person.

You are checking for comprehensive insurance coverage, such as employer liability insurance, public liability insurance, contract work insurance, and product liability insurance.

The builders’ insurance will safeguard you from potential financial liabilities in the event of accidents, injuries, or property damage during construction.

9. Guarantee and Aftecare

Aftercare is a pivotal aspect of a builder’s commitment that extends beyond the completion of the project, providing ongoing support and assurance to the customer.

We pride ourselves on not only offering a fixed price, but our lifetime support service is rarely heard of in the industry.

Your builder should offer aftercare of a swift solution, proactive follow-ups, and accessible support for post-construction queries.

They should offer transparent warranties and commitments, ensuring satisfaction and timely resolution of post-construction issues.

The aftercare is a reflection of a builder’s dedication to the entire lifecycle of the project.

We understand the significance of your investment, and our proven track record, transparent communication, and unwavering commitment to aftercare ensure your satisfaction at every step.

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