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How to child proof your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and a space for families to get together to eat, socialise and relax. They are centres for joy and happiness where memories are created. However, kitchens can be a dangerous place, especially for little ones. But don’t worry, with a few small changes and clever products, you can make your kitchen safe without having to compromise on style or functionality.

Most importantly, stay vigilant and offer education to inquisitive children. Explain why some objects are off limits. No amount of products or features can replace keeping a beady eye on your kids. Mums, dads and grandparents have eyes in the back of their heads for a reason!

1. Magnetic locks on low cupboards and drawers.

These are a safe and discreet solution to curious kids trying to see what treasures lie beyond the cupboard doors. The lock attaches to the top inside of the cabinet and you need to touch a magnetic key to that spot on the door to open it. Keep all cleaning and laundry products either in locked cupboards or high shelves, away from little hands.

2. Cover electric sockets

Sockets are the perfect size for tiny fingers, so get some covers for all low outlets in your kitchen.

3. Remove any breakables from low shelves

Reduce the risk of any breakables being knocked off and smashed by moving them to higher shelves. Tea towels can be put on lower shelves instead.

4. Invest in an induction hob

Induction hobs heat only the pans using electromagnetism, meaning that the hob itself rapidly cools to a safe temperature once the pan has been removed, unlike conventional electric or gas hobs. You can also remove the control from an induction hob meaning there’s no way it can accidentally be switched on, even if a pan has been left on the top.

Have a chat with us about how an induction hob could work for you.

5. Set up a safe enclosed space

Setting up an enclosed and safe space in your kitchen where your little one can play while you’re cooking is a great idea. Buy a play pen for the kitchen and fill it with their favourite toys and activities to keep them entertained. It’s also easier to keep an eye on them this way.

6. Overhangs

Don’t leave anything hanging over the side of the work surfaces, including cables, utensils, pan handles and towels. These could be grabbed and pulled down, bringing other objects with them. Also, be careful where you leave hot drinks or sharp utensils. Make sure they’re well away from little hands.

7. Keep your kitchen clean

Wipe up spills or dropped food straight away- toddlers and children can’t always distinguish between what they should and shouldn’t eat and you don’t want them eating off the floor anyway!

8. Keep plastic bags hidden away

So, you’ve got a mountain of plastic bags left after your weekly family shop. Make sure they’re stored away safely in a locked cupboard or even better, take your own reusable fabric bags to the supermarket.