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Riad Revival: Infusing the Essence of Morocco into your Home

Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, the landscape of Morocco is as diverse as it is beautiful, offering inspiration at every turn. From the rolling golden deserts to the lush green forests, to the clear azure waters and the rainbow colours of the bazaars, the vibrancy and richness of this North African country is palpable. With Islamic, Moorish and French influences, Moroccan design is truly unique and recognisable and therefore it is no surprise that many are keen to bring this opulent style into their homes.

Here are some ways you can introduce a touch of Moroccan magic.


Moroccan design is all about bright, bold, contrasting colours. Keeping the walls fresh and simple, introduce splashes of colour with accent walls, painted geometric patterns and vibrant wall hangings. Focus on jewel colours; rich purples, warm reds and oranges and vivid blues to create an inviting and sumptuous living space.

By Sunny K. Merry


Moroccan architecture is largely inspired by traditional Islamic and Moorish shapes, particularly ornate geometric arches and domes. Bring these designs into your home by creating arches between rooms, in alcoves or simply as a design on a room dividing screen.

By Sunny K. Merry


Mixing plush textures is a hallmark of Moroccan design – think warm, inviting and sociable living areas strewn with cushions in a myriad of colours. Drape luxurious fabric canopies over your room and decorate your floor with ornate Berber rugs for an authentic Moroccan feel.

By Urso Designs


Striking geometric designs are a beautiful feature frequently showcased on the wall and floor tiles in Moroccan homes. Tiles are cool under foot for those escaping the midday heat and can be a stunning feature for any home regardless of the temperature. Replacing carpet with patterned tiles or dark wood and adding lavish rugs or floor runners will instantly give a home an exotic Moroccan feel.

Via Apartment Therapy


Decorate your home with intricately carved dark wooden furniture pieces inspired by enchanting Islamic architecture. Low level seating, plenty of footstools and ornate screens will ensure that your living area is the perfect place to socialise or simply relax in elegant surroundings.

By Hadia Design


Soft tranquil lighting helps to create a mysteriously exotic setting. Ornately designed metal lamps offer a calm ambience and can be easily incorporated into your home. Candles in jewel coloured lanterns will cast coloured shadows and project the beautiful vibrancy of the Moroccan landscape onto your walls.

By Darcy Vasudev

Outdoor Spaces

Moroccan properties feature internal courtyards, offering privacy and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whilst not everyone can build a courtyard into their property, you can add elements of Moroccan culture into your existing garden. Fountains are the centre point of any Moroccan courtyard so creating a riad inspired water feature with mosaic detail will bring relaxation and tranquillity to any outdoor space. Coupled with a mosaic topped table and chairs and bright lanterns, you can create an outdoor space to rival those of Casablanca.

Via Studio No. 22

Finishing touches

No Moroccan inspired home would be complete without the heady scent of the aromatic spices and sweet teas of the souk. Candles and reed diffusers in a variety of scents will fill your home with exotic fragrance and transport you to the beautiful rooftop gardens of Marrakech. Look out for saffron, mint, sandalwood, cinnamon and rose. Arabesque shaped mirrors hung around your home will reflect the light and colour of the surroundings and bring your living area to life.

Image sourced from Pinterest

The beauty of Moroccan influence is that you can incorporate as much or as little of the design as you wish and still feel an authentic essence of North Africa permeating into your home.

Embrace the versatility of Moroccan design and get creative!